Sustainability Bundle


Our sustainability bundle comes with 3 orange enzyme cleaners and 1 Signature batik strap upcycled tote bag.

Our Signature batik Strap upcycled tote bag is handmade and unique in print. They are extremely functional, it has roomy space, and is washable.

Each batik strap is specially designed, painted, and processed by our special needs youth. Each batik painting goes through the tedious process of tracing, waxing, painting, being treated with a batik fixer, washing and scrubbing with hot water, and ironing before it can be curated into a product. 


Height: 64cm
Width: 27cm

All our batik products are handmade; the colors and placement of the design differ slightly for each piece. Our Signature Batik Strap Upcycled Tote Bag designs vary and are issued randomly. Thank you for supporting our sustainable product!


Orange Enzyme Cleaner is made with all-natural ingredients and is a multi-purpose, chemical-free cleaner. It is biodegradable and an eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemicals, and gentle and safe to use. This cleaner is manufactured by hand by our youths with special needs.

Volume: 500ml