Customer reviews
Customer reviews
The talent of Chee Meng, particularly the piece on Canopy Park@Jewel, caught my eye when I visited Arts@Metta. In his batik drawing, he has made the Canopy Park@Jewel so real with only a few lines and colours. I simply love his Canopy Park@Jewel and now I am its proud owner. You can be the proud owner of beautiful art pieces too. Support the talented artists at Arts@Metta!
— Veron
Customer reviews
I opened up my law firm sometime in June 2021. To mark the opening of my firm, two good friends gave me a batik painting by artist Chee Meng. Chee Meng painstakingly created the logo's 44 hearts and little birds and the words surrounding it. It could not have been easy - I understand that there were several drafts before the final piece.

In my eyes, the artwork done by Chee Meng is perfect. I love the gift very much and have placed it on the floor, directly in front of my desk, so I can admire and appreciate it while I work.

I like to thank Chee Meng for the untold amount of joy his artwork has brought me.
— Ms Veronica Joseph
Customer reviews
I approached MWA to help my hubby and myself with a customized art piece for a dear friend.

MWA engaged me throughout the journey and experimented with different mediums until we settled on batik art.

The art piece was a delicate piece of work, given the details involved. Having seen how batik art is done - I knew it took steady hands and perseverance to complete this artwork. So kudos to our artist Chee Meng and the MWA team.

By the way, my friend loves the art piece : )
— Ivy Choo