Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope Sticker Pack


Product Description:

Flowers go through a few stages before blooming. This process requires time for perseverance and growth. Oftentimes, the waiting process is always the hardest. But if we hang onto our belief in ourselves, eventually we will bloom, just like the flowers. 

We hope to spread the importance of mental health awareness and for one to be mindful of your feelings.

We have collaborated with a local brand and mental health advocate @inthemoodfor to curate an exclusive sticker pack featuring florals and motivational quotes. We hope that you will be encouraged by our personal experiences and colorful accounts of our lives and support the artistic endeavors of our youths with special needs.

Product details:

Set of 2 sticker sheets (one design from Arts@Metta and another from @inthemoodfor)

35 designs in total (mix of floral and motivational quotes)