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We nurture and support our members to become artisans skilled in unique craftswork. Under the guidance of professional instructors, our artists have created a distinctive lifestyle label that boasts a quality collection of batik accessories and elegant pottery pieces.

Their flourishing artistry has gained recognition from many corporate partners and individuals.

Turning personalised gift ideas into attractive lifestyle items through quality design and production, we help businesses align their corporate branding with a social purpose based on your proposed budget.

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Metta Café

Initiated by Metta Welfare Association, Metta Café (慈光聚缘轩) was established in 2014 to provide F&B vocational training for Metta School graduates aged 18 and above, with mild intellectual disability and/or autism. Our mission is to provide an avenue for these youths to acquire vocational, work and life skills through our comprehensive training and development programmes and to create employment opportunities to help them achieve economic independence, self reliance and build confidence.

Metta Artists and Trainees

Enabling Our Youth

We’re transparent, proud of everybody we work with and everything we do.

Meet Our Artists

Seah Chee Meng

Seah Chee Meng has been training and working at Arts@Metta since 2008 producing batik painting and pottery art pieces. His skill in the arts has also grown leaps and bounds. He is now one of our resident artist in the arts studio producing complex batik pieces. Diagnosed with intellectual disability, his employment at Arts@Metta enables him to lead an independent life and integrating into society. In his free time, Chee Meng enjoys planting and watching Korean dramas.

Muhammad Fadhil Bin Abdul Jalil

Muhammad Fadhil is a very patient and detailed Artist. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Fadhil is a quiet observer and takes instructions carefully. He is passionate about manga and robots, and you can often find him sketching these characters during his free time. He loves playing with his seven family cats.

Tan Yan Min

Tan Yan Min’s art works are always teeming with bright and vibrant colours. Diagnosed with mild intellectual disability, she is also passionate about dance and has done walks on runways. In her free time, Yan Min enjoys drawing and experimenting different forms of art.

Jozie Keok Yue Ting

Jozie Keok’s artworks carry her signature bright and bold colours. She loves experimenting different forms of art and loves using hama beads to create art and jewellery. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Jozie has a sociable personality and helps her colleagues in time of need. She is also a fan of Mandarin oldies!

Namira Binte Ismail

Namira has been training and working at Arts@Metta, producing batik painting and pottery art pieces. Diagnosed with mild intellectual disability, Namira has a keen eye for patterns and it is reflected in her artwork. She is able to comprehend instructions well and is motivated to complete the work that are assigned to her. 

Donovan Ho Ji Xuan

Donovanhas a lovable personality. In times of need, he will be there to help. He also often shows concern to his colleagues and greets everyone he sees. Diagnosed with down syndrome, Donovan likes using shapes in his artworks. he loves to watch TV in and engages in social media platforms in his free time.

Yong Qiao Qi

Qiao Qi has a bright personality and it is often reflected in her art pieces. She sees life in a different and unique perspective, and these often form the sources of her art inspirations. Qiao Qi has a strong passion for dance as well!

Teo Wen Yin, Brenda

Brenda loves sketching and gets inspired to sketch food that she sees in her daily life. She likes to explore different colours and shapes and adopts a quirky art style. Diagnosed with mild intellectual disability, Brenda is able to express herself well with words.